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Beetroots were delicious... Hot as a veg, in borsch soup in chutney and finally, from a cook book published by organic growers, chocolate beetroot mouse cake ... Which was sheer heaven!

Very pleasurable shopping experience, we enjoy unloading the boxes! - Brenda P.

Wild garlic is delicious. We had some lightly wilted as you would spinach served with poached egg on toast. Goat is very good too. We did that as mediterranean style stew, lots of fresh herbs, to remind us of holidays on Greek islands! Thanks, Esther

I am SO happy with the fresh and flavoursome contents of my boxes this week, thank you! I'm planning on roast chicken, runner beans, cavallo nero and those gorgeous young carrots for lunch tomorrow

I'll let you know what the mackerels like next week - & thanks for adding green tea to the list too - I'm always running out! - Jane S

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