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Featured Producer: North Perrott Fruit Farm

One of the few commercial apple orchards left in more...

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Where we try to post the latest 'goings on' in the ever changing world of seasonal produce and its producers. See our team on the right fishing for stories.

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The 'Favourites' feature is becoming a favourite

It certainly helps speed up the weekly shopping

You may have noticed a 'heart' symbol below each product. If you click on it, that product gets added to your favourites list. If you click on it again, it is taken off the list. Simple.
The list can be seen on the 'Your Account' page and is a good way to ensure that you do not forget those items that you most often choose, without having to search all the pages.

Invest in a guinea

Oven ready for the freezer

We have a few oven ready guinea fowl available next week. Dawn Quince, who rears these these birds tells me she will not have any available in September so might be a good idea to put one in the freezer now.

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