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Frequently Asked Questions

We can replace most of your normal supermarket shopping with Somerset produce, with all the benefits that it brings...

If you have a question that isn't listed here, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.


How do I know where my food came from?

All items have a link on the right which will take you to the producer's page. Products listed on the producer's page have a link on the right which will show other products in the same 'aisle'. Many products have an icon which shows whether it's 100% locally grown, and all producers have a description of the provenance of their products.

How can I contact you?

The office phone (01458 830 801) is manned on weekdays by Nigel between 9am and 5pm. He may not always be available to pick up the phone, but will play back and respond to the messages at least once a day. You can send us a message via the ‘contact us’ page on the web site. This is the best method as we have a written record in front of us that we can follow up. We check our e mails most days and Roger’s mobile is the hot line anytime number to ring if you need a quick response. We are least responsive on a Thursday when we are busy packing and delivering.

When is the deadline for orders?

On Tuesday morning at 9am. This is necessary because our producers need to see what is required of them. They only have the latter part of Tuesday, and Wednesday morning to bake the cake, prepare the meat, harvest the crop etc and get it to our Glastonbury warehouse on Wednesday afternoon as fresh as possible for you on Thursday or Friday. Orders, that arrive after 9am, will normally be assumed to be for the following week unless you let us know otherwise.

Can you remind me to order?

Yes, we can e mail you on Sunday, send a text message to your phone on Monday and ring you personally if you wish. There is no charge for these services.

Can I add to my order?

Yes, anytime up till the 9am Tuesday deadline. Log on to the web site and click ‘My Account’ at the top of the page. Choose the 'Orders' tab: your most recent order is at the top of the list. Click the word ‘edit’ on the right. Then confirm the order once you have made any changes.

Can I repeat a previous order?

Yes, follow the instructions for the previous question and select any previous order by clicking on the invoice number. At the bottom of the invoice click ‘duplicate order and carry on adding or deleting items as necessary. Then confirm and pay in the usual way.

Can I specify a future delivery date?

Yes. There is a notes box on the ‘checkout’ page. Tell us on which date you want the order delivered. This is useful if you want food ready for when you arrive home from holiday, or waiting at your holiday cottage if you are visiting Somerset.

Can my order be delvered to a different address?

Use the notes box on the ‘checkout’ page and the driver will follow your instructions.

What if I am not at home when my food arrives?

That is one of the big advantages we offer. You do not need to be at home when we deliver as long as the order has been paid for. Our insulated boxes will keep the food cool and dry. We just ask that you have somewhere out of the sun and out of sight. Garages, garden sheds, and under bushes are favourite places. We could also leave it with a neighbour or at your work place.

What happens to the empty box?

If you are at home you can unload the box and check the contents before the driver leaves. He will then take the empty box with him. If you are not at home the driver will collect the box when he next delivers to you or when you request that it be collected. We ask that you keep it clean and undamaged so that it can be used for the maximum number of times.

What if I can’t log on the web site?

Leave your order (product codes please) with the office phone. Or you might like us to repeat a previous order. Phone Roger on 07967371422 who can check your log in details, test the system and solve the problem.

What if my card payment fails for some reason?

No problem. We will have received your order anyway. Give us a call and we can take card payment over the phone or by cash/cheque on delivery.

Why does my invoice show a debit or credit when I paid in full?

The variation in invoice value, after you have placed your order, is due to difference in the predicted weight of a weighed item, such as meat, and the actual weight. The latter is not known till it arrives with us on Wednesday. It may be lighter or heavier than the item you ordered, so you may find your invoice showing a small amount of debit or credit, which is carried forward to your next purchase. The same would apply if you added something to your order after paying for it.

Can I build up an order over a period of time, e.g. at Christmas?

This can be done using the shopping list feature. Place you Christmas order but when you get to the 'view basket' page, you will see the option to create a shopping list and give it a name. e.g. Christmas 2010 23/11/10 update. When you next want to add something go to that shopping list on the 'my account' page, click shopping list, add the contents of the shopping list to the basket, add the items you want and save it again as an updated shopping list with a new name e.g. Christmas 2010 30/11/10 update. When you have all the items you need, add the contents to the shopping basket, confirm and pay.